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There is no litter clean-up crew on Chesterfield County’s payroll. It’s all volunteer-based. With tires, trash and furniture scattered throughout Chesterfield, especially the eastern and southern portions, those volunteers need help.

Pam Cooper an environmental educator for Chesterfield County is the only employee who works to stop illegal dumping full-time. She started her clean-up campaign about seven years ago. She offers several programs and volunteer opportunities for residents, businesses and civic groups.

With no other county employees devoted to the clean-up effort, Cooper relies on 450 volunteers to adopt spots in the county.

The Chesterfield County Anti-Litter Program has established the Adopt-A-Spot program to provide opportunities for community-spirited businesses, organizations, groups and individuals to enhance Chesterfield County neighborhoods by cleaning and maintaining a designated “spot”.  The volunteer participants will agree to adopt a location for a minimum of one year and clean the site as frequently as participants deems necessary.  The Chesterfield County Litter Program will supply garbage bags and reflective vests.  This program allows groups and individuals to adopt smaller and more secure areas, as opposed to busy roadways.

To inquire about the above opportunities, contact Pam Cooper, Anti-Litter Program Manager, at cooperp@chesterfield.gov or (804) 748-1297.

To learn how you can organize a clean-up in your neighborhood or to volunteer:


The goal for the county’s Anti-Litter Program is to have Chesterfield County continue to be a First Choice Community!

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