Changing your address to North Chesterfield, VA?

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So do you want to change your mailing address to reflect North Chesterfield, VA instead of Richmond or Bon Air, VA.  You just might get your wish if the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors get their way.

During the board of supervisors meeting Tuesday afternoon, Chesterfield County unveiled its latest attempt to change some mailing address names.

There are eight zip codes in Chesterfield that stretch into Richmond, Petersburg and Colonial Heights.  50,000 homes and 4,200 businesses use those zip codes that don’t reflect a Chesterfield mailing address.

Each year, up to $2 million in tax revenue is mistakenly sent to Richmond, Petersburg and Colonial Heights when it should be sent to Chesterfield. County employees spend the better part of a year locating and re-routing that money.

The proposal released to the media Tuesday, is the latest attempt to alleviate the problem. It is a compromise between Chesterfield County and the USPS. The proposal includes the option for people or businesses residing in zip codes: 23225, 23235, 23236, 23224, 23234 and 23237 to change their mailing address to North Chesterfield, VA rather than Richmond, VA or Bon Air, VA.Residents and businesses will not be required to change their mailing address. If they do, their postal carrier or post office will not change.

The county is meeting with affected businesses in February and will be reaching out to residents later.  County employees in charge of the proposal expect the options to be approved by the board of supervisors and the USPS. The changes are expected to take effect before the end of 2011.

If you need more information, call the Chesterfield County hotline set up for the mailing address modifications: 748-1211.

Check out the complete article from WWBT.

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